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Maya broke her front tooth in 7th grade. For 6 years, she tried to keep it together with bonding. After continuous breaks, Maya met Dr. White who decided she needed a porcelain crown on the tooth. But, she was leaving for college in 12 days! Dr. White quickly called the lab and asked the technician to come directly to the office and create a custom shade to match Maya's other teeth perfectly. In just one week, Dr. White was able o deliver her a brand new porcelain crown just in time for college orientation!


Jessica broke her two front teeth during basic training for the police force. She saw a dentist who gave her a quick fix, but she was not happy with the end result. She came to see Dr. White for another chance at her smile. He designed two procelain crowns for her front teeth. She was thrilled to get her smile back!


Rebecca came to us after breaking her veneer. We were able to clean up the tooth and make her another veneer that perfectly matched her other teeth.


Gene was always teased about his small teeth. After many years, his wife finally convinced him to upgrade his smile. While initially reluctant, he took his wife’s advice and was treated with a gum lift and 6 porcelain crowns. He has not stopped smiling ever since!


June always had problems with her teeth and in turn, would hide her smile. In just one day, Dr. White freed her of the trouble teeth and delivered her with a new set! Now her smile is a showstopper!

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