Dr. Charles White

Bringing Humanity to Healthcare

At the early age of 12, a visit to the dentist sparked a lifelong passion in Dr. Charles White. Inspired by his dentist's profound knowledge and compassionate approach to patient care, Dr. White embarked on a journey that would see him carving his own path in the world of dentistry.

From Michigan Roots to Carolina Education.

Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dr. White carried his early fascination for dentistry through to his academic pursuits. He chose the esteemed University of North Carolina Chapel Hill for both his undergraduate and dental studies. Here, he didn't just learn about dentistry; he absorbed the ethos of treating patients with empathy and excellence.

Honing Skills and Shaping a Patient-Centric Philosophy.

Dr. White’s commitment to comprehensive, compassionate care deepened during his residency at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Washington, DC. This period was instrumental in developing his proficiency in complex restorative cases, laying the foundation for his patient-first approach in practice.

A New Chapter at Foxhall Dental Center.

In 2022, Dr. White's career reached a significant milestone as he became the proud owner of Foxhall Dental Center. His dream of marrying high-level, innovative dental care with a deeply human touch came to fruition. Specializing in dental implants, crowns, and cosmetic procedures such as veneers, Dr. White has transformed the practice into an elite dental destination in Washington, D.C., known for its tailored and compassionate approach.

Active in the DMV Community.

Outside the dental office, Dr. White is a vibrant part of the DMV community, often found expressing his artistic side through music by playing the keyboard at local venues. His love for travel and spending quality time with friends and family reflects his belief in a well-rounded life, where professional passion and personal joy harmoniously coexist.

Join Dr. White at Foxhall Dental Center and experience a level of dental care that’s not just about technical excellence, but also about bringing a touch of humanity to each patient’s experience.

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