Tailored Cleaning Experience

At Foxhall Dental Center, we understand that maintaining a radiant, healthy smile goes beyond regular brushing and flossing. Over time, plaque can accumulate and harden into tartar, a substance that only professional cleaning can safely remove. Coupled with comprehensive dental exams, these cleanings are pivotal in preventing dental issues and preserving your oral health.

Performed by a registered hygienist or dentist, professional cleanings effectively eliminate tartar buildup and surface stains, while dental exams provide a detailed overview of your oral health. Together, they form a preventive strategy against gum disease and tooth decay, ensuring minor problems are addressed promptly to avoid complex treatments later on.

Dental Cleanings for Everyone

While we typically recommend dental exams and cleanings once every six months, your oral health needs may dictate a more frequent schedule. Dr. Charles White and our team assess each patient's specific situation to determine the ideal frequency of visits, ensuring personalized care that meets your unique dental health requirements.

Additionally, it is important to Introduce your child to dental care at an early age. We recommend that children start seeing the dentist by age 2, fostering a positive relationship with dental health from an early age. These initial visits are crucial for early detection of potential issues and for educating families on effective oral hygiene practices.

What to Expect During Your Visit

Your appointment begins with a thorough cleaning, performed by a licensed registered dental hygienist or dentist. Using specialized instruments, we meticulously remove tartar and polish your teeth, leaving your smile bright and refreshed. Following the cleaning, Dr. White conducts an exhaustive exam to identify any signs of tooth decay, evaluate the integrity of existing restorations, and screen for oral cancer, among other health checks.

Ensuring your comfort and understanding throughout the process, we aim to make each visit informative and reassuring. Before you leave, we'll schedule your next appointment, making it easier to maintain regular dental care.

Ready to Embrace a Healthier Smile?

Whether it's time for your routine cleaning, or if you're seeking a comprehensive dental exam, Foxhall Dental Center is here to support your journey to optimal oral health. Contact us today to schedule your visit with Dr. Charles White and discover the difference personalized dental care can make.

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